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The Nocturne HUMBLER - 50w Power Attenuator

The Nocturne HUMBLER - 50w Power Attenuator


Is your favorite tube amp too loud for that edge of breakup you like? Is your sound tech getting mad at your stage level every time you switch the amp to "on"? Do you wanna turn up your amp at home to push those tubes but dont want to become homeless?

THE HUMBLER power attenuator for amps rated 50w or less. This design has been focused on preserving a more transparent response compared to some attenuators that suck your tone, especially higher frequencies.

Passive power attenuators dont react to an audio signal equally to how a speaker reacts (as the attenuator is turned up, the speaker cone travel is reduced) so the use of an attenuator can impact what we are hearing though the amp when employed. A power attenuator is an imperfect but practical mechanism for reducing volume without losing tone. To guitarists, “Loud” ALWAYS sounds the best, but using a power attenuator gives you a useful tool to aid your achieving good tones at levels that keep the club owners, home owners, neighbors and h.o.w. venues happy that you may perform at. Scaling back some of that SPL and readjusting your amp and pedal settings to optimize your sound and dynamics may even inspire a new muse in your playing.

*Linear variable Attenuation from -2dB

*suitable for 4ohm, 8ohm, & 16ohm (not for 2 ohm)

*black industrial Powder-coated Alum housing 4"w x 5"L x 2"

* 1/4" in/out jack

*single rotary adjustment, red chicken head knob

Note: This is a performance based attenuator and is not meant for you to turn it down to 1 watt and crank the hell out of your amp all the time expecting the full amp overdrive at whisper levels. Its meant, rather to bring down the huge SPL from your amp and speaker on stage to manageable levels while preserving the fundamental tone. Yes you can dime you amp and use this power attenuator to get it at or near 1 watts, but this will ultimately create a much much shorter tube life faster than normal and is not recommended regular practice. Also remember that some amps when cranked, the tubes start getting fizzy but you normally dont perceive that once the SPL is cranking.. With an attenuator you might find that fizz very apparent w the amp dimed and the Humbler attenuator cranked up as well beyond 2 oclock. So just back down the amp volume and treble a bit, turn up the amps bass or low mids to compensate. Or get different tubes, I like tungsol.

Caveat: (if you didnt hear it the first time)  The use of a power attenuator will likely shorten the life expectancy of your amplifiers internal parts and those that use them should proceed at their own risk. I highly recommend using this only if you have fresh power tubes in your amp. Old tubes will become even older faster w a power attenuator. You wouldnt race a mile downhill on a bicycle with worn out, thin tires would you? Fresh tires, fresh tubes.. let the games begin


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