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About Us

I am an ol' american rockabilly boy and true to old school heritage I have been taught to work hard at what I love and to give it my best.
This means I am incorporating top grade components in my builds;
True hardwire bypass w/ RoHS compliant high quality stomp switchs , full size alpha audio pots, silver mica & metal film caps & sprague electrolytics, socketed texas instruments IC, neutrik open box i/o jacks, & metal film resistors, all helps create a clean, jangly, gritchy full sound!!

We dont stop there either, its important to me to be mindful of our nations environment when I can help it so we use 100% recycled cast aluminum pedal enclosures, and in most applications we powder coat our base paint finishes.
Its also my patriotic duty to include other american businesses in our family's products and I'm proud to say there are over 10 american businesses products we resource for our builds.

These are all built per order one at a time by  myself and my son.

 For more info contact me!