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Nocturne Artists


Vince Ray

Vince Ray is a world renowned graphic illustrator and rockabilly recording artist. Vince bought my first production Brain Seltzer preamp and currently records and performs with the Atomic Brain preamp. check out his music and art here:

Brain Setzer

Even mr. BRIAN SETZER himself, owns these 2 custom Nocturne pedals

Lee Rocker

I made LEE ROCKER a custom version for his upright

Rene De La Muerte of The Brains

Rene' uses the Billy Brain

Paul Pigat

Cousin Harley Band (Brain Seltzer, Dynobrain, Atomic Brain, and Billy Brain)

Buzz Campbell

With his Nocturne Blondeshell amp, Dyno Brain & Atomic Brain pedal,
Buzz Campbell plays the Nocturne Blondeshell 63 and Blondeshell 212 vert cab with his band and for Lee Rocker Band!! Give a listen to Buzz Campbell's latest album "Shivers & Shakes" on his website recorded with the Nocturne preamp!

Brophy Dale

With his Dyno Brain & Atomic Brain pedal with The Lee Rocker Band!


Aggro Surf instrumental guitarist, teacher & recording artist.

Mr. Peter Florance

Plays through the Atomic Brain ( guitar pickup builder to the stars! voodoo tele pkups rule.


Uses the NOCTURNE BRAIN and recently took it on the road for the last WHEN IN ROME tour and also in the recording studio on When in Romes new single FATAL

Geoff Firebaugh from the HillbillyCasino

Uses the nocturne brain seltzer and billy brain bass

Superdave from the

At the Nashville Roundup