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FUZZ-RAY - early brit 60s fuzz


vintage garage fuzz in steelbilly with black chickenhead knobs. ( optional USA Dakaware knobs in oxblood avail too(

 It is creamy fat garage fuzz that is based off an early 60s british design fuzz with a twist of course. uses spec'd and tested
BC108/BC109 silicon trannies. High quality alpha pots, switchcraft jacks,
metal film resistors , true bypass stomper, etc for good measure. Think ghoul surf hangs out w the black k3ys and the cr4mps.
As the volume is turned up so does the grind of the fuzz and its snarl, it can get extremely loud so you dont have to worry about being lost in the mix.

The control knob on the left is great treble tone filter to employ with single coils especially if you have dynasonics on your gretsch/ or single coils on your plank guitar..
it'll put a nice leash on the single coils bite and keep the sound Fat fuzzy and Round.
ie. turning it to the left, treble gets darker w smoother textures. the second stomper switch bypasses the tone circuit for a tone shift leaving more of the guitar in the mix.

Volume increases the Fuzz level with a huge boost attached to it as you roll up! Also, there is Internal trim pot called raunch, it can trim back the attack if needed, I prefer it maxed so I can roll back the vol on my guitar to control it remotely to a degree.

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