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the Detroit Casket Fluid Drive™ by Nocturne


In a nutshell, cuz we are nuts...
This is a beautiful low gain to almost medium overdrive w a unique original gain staging that keeps the guitar nice and clear in the mix. EQ is very flat/ neutrally transparent (lays inside almost underneath the fundamental guitar signal, fluid!) and yet can color the gain w great versatility. Can take any pedal in front of it, loves to be stacked. Infact I designed it to be used AFTER my Brain Preamp pedals. You can keep it in front no prob..but damn if it aint the beez kneez following a nice AtomicBrain preamp pedal

sound sample from my @thenocturnebrain instagram account. 


...lengthy description below, my usual.....

I dont believe there is such a thing as a transparent overdrive, unless you solder a cable directly from your guitar to the front of your amp and crank it all the way open maybe?.. even with such an absurd notion, you'd still have to flavor the mids, bass & treble to some extent. More so to achieve a similar response from a guitar pedal circuit that creates overdrive via analog signal clipping. 

I've wanted to provide an overdrive that leaves the bass end of my guitar signal relatively neutral (dialed fully to the right, you can have fatass bass w a turn of the knob). No compression or squish please unless I want to dial that in, and dont boost my upper mids. It needs to keeps the high end clear and sweet (dialed at 12 noon w brighter or darker on either side of that), and the rest of the EQ, Fluid.  

Oh and I want it to stack well w other preamps and overdrives, or rather I demand it. That's it, a really useful tone tool that meshes fluidly within the signal chain of guitar, amp and pedalboard.

The D.C. FLUID DRIVE does just that: utilizing cut style EQ controls and a generous gain boost w very dynamic asymmetric clipping. You can slam the front end of the Fluid Drive w your favorite boost, drive and preamp. In fact this is designed to sit after my Brain Preamp pedals, spectacularly.   90% of the reason it exists is because I want a stackable light overdrive that plays better than most w semi-hollow body / hollow body guitars just as well solid body guitars.

I know, the whole "Fluid Drive" thing is a bit over the top, but it makes the point for what this overdrive's intent is, plus it lets me keep the vintage car fetish going. Dont plan to stop that anytime soon.


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