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FLUID DRIVE™ aka the Detroit Casket overdrive on sale!


The FLUID DRIVE™  Overdrive and boost pedal! (pre order for mid April..sorry for the previous typo)
(previously called Detroit Casket Fluid Drive)

This is a beautiful medium to low gain overdrive and *transparent boost w a unique original gain staging that keeps the guitar nice and clear in the mix. EQ is very flat/ neutrally transparent (lays inside almost underneath the fundamental guitar signal, fluid!) and yet can color the gain w great versatility and Crunch.                               Utilizing cut style EQ controls and a generous gain boost w very dynamic asymmetric clipping.  It loves to be stacked, you can slam the front end of the Fluid Drive w your favorite boost, drive and preamp. As well it loves humbuckers and singlecoils alike.

From Worship musicians pedalboards to rockabilly boots stomping beer soaked stages, this dynamic overdrive brings the edge and finger bone tone to your guitar rigs signal chain in spades.                                                                                                                  

ps. After the AtomicBrain preamp pedal or Mysterybrain it straight out slays a tubescreamer with fluid compression on the top and open lows with growl.  

Here's a great older Vid Demo from the amazing RJ Ronquillo, note: same pedal just old school graphic when it first came out. 


video manual for functions here on our facebook forum:

*These are built per order, no returns. 1 year warranty on all parts and labor, shipping not included


From my good brother; Tony Sims:

"So this quickly became my #1 OD pedal. It’s truly a beautifully voiced transparent overdrive. It keeps your tone intact.......doesn’t come crashing in with its own small buzzy voice like so many others. It stays big and just gives you more hair......or even MORE hair if you want it. But my guitars stay distinct and BIG when it’s on, and that is invaluable to me, particularly for p&w music. I actually like it so much, I think I may do video on it to show y’all. Gimme a little bit and I’ll burn one down. I think it deserves one.

Anyone else have one of these and feel like I do..?"

- Tony Sims




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