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the BRAIN CLASSIC preamp

the BRAIN CLASSIC preamp


The Nocturne BRAIN CLASSIC™ that started it all, NOW for a limited run in black mist sparkle. Same original circuit that was made specifically for a filtertron'd gretsch and blonde 6G6-B fender bassman. This Brain Seltzer, or as its now called "Brain Classic" preamp was made in the only to work specifically with the blonde 6G6-B and filtertron loaded hollowbody guitars, used by a famous Rockabilly Cat.                                                    

I've replicated a much improved Vintage Japanese 70's preamp from the RE-301 Tape Delay machine known as the Space Echo.  A Full sonic spectrum, preamplifier that is hand wired & loaded with hi-fidelity audio components :
22 gauge bonded copper strand wiring,, vishay metal film resistors in the audio path, socketed Opamp, Metal Film cap, Quality Sprague, Panasonic Electrolytics, etc w/ all flying leads to Alpha pots and switchcraft jacks w/ hardwire true bypass. We've Improved the input impedence, extended the gain range & added a Bass cut that the original RE-301 didnt have, this aids in use will small amp to keep the speaker from farting out. Remember this was originally a keyboard preamp and PA line level effect.

Important: ONLY BUY THIS BRAIN CLASSIC IF YOU OWN A BLONDE 6G6_B bassman AMP! Otherwise you want to get yourself the Dynobrain which is the same exact circuit but upgraded to work w a wider variety of guitars and amplifiers.   Please allow an 8-9 week turn around, as these are built per order, one at a time the old fashioned way. #americancraftsmen

Worth a mention: The original Toshiba linear Op Amp was not magic, only special feature at that time was that is was low noise for 70's standards, but moving to a more modern version of this single opamp in the 8dip format, you will get less noise, and wider bandwidth and less distortion at higher saturation points. The option for the original NOS chip is available, but the right way to go to my experienced ear and thousands who use the Brain Preamp in pedalboards around the globe, is the modern chip I use in this preamp. Sounds kind of haughty, but thats not why I'm pointing it out. I simply want to make sure you realize you are getting the best version of this vintage Japanese preamp found in an RE-301 space echo.

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