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MARQUESAN STOMP™ DRIVE (in stock ships NOW!)


MARQUESAN STOMP™ DRIVE.                       (in stock ships NOW!)

formerly UBANGI STOMP™
This one is simple.. take a late 70's White Label bud box R*t pedal & tweak its values and components so when you turn up your old fullerton era amp or vintage brit plexi, you can keep the inherent twang and jangle of your tele or hollowbody gretsch/guild but harness that grindy tube clip at decent volume. Full 80's hair farm meets 90's siamese dream w a strat btw (in compressed mod w the internal upper mids trimmer dimed!                                                 

I'm upping the boutique ante' of course using vintage tantalum caps, metal film resistors, and a socketed *vintage 60's NOS UA308 (or UA308 metal can equivalent) Operational Amp (pre-dates the plastic chip version and its cork sniffing qualities are sweeter IMO). The STEEZ control is new and boosts or cuts the upper mids and works in tandem w the reverse tapered TONE filter to give you much more versatility from dirty cleans, to sweet mids blues crunch, to snarling grind and way over the top corpulent distortion and malty fuzz.

There's even a position switch inside the box, so you can chose Symmetric or Asymmetric position! :) Symmetric loves plank guitars & is classic compressed clipping,almost creamy when gain is dimed and tone is rolled. In low gain modes its tight and killer for single coils. Asymmetric loves hollow and semi hollow guitars and is unconventionally open and uncompressed more attack and so perfect for Filtertrons and PAFs.

Anyway you get the point.. Its got a cleaner response w a sweeter EQ, chords hang like over ripe fruit or chubby pinecones (depending on your amp settings) from the tree ..or something like that when you keep the gain down and the output up. You can crank the gain and use the tone filter for full gnar weeze tones or smash your pumpkin too but thats not the point on this build. Lets carve the woody clean-dirty sounds on this Tiki, add your favorite reverb or delay and stomp.




Stray cats - Ubangi Stomp 1981 from sera on Vimeo.

 To be forthright what inspired it all in the first place for me was when the Straycats were playing in Europe back in 81' at Rockpalast and Setzer (mentioned for educational purposes only, I have no affiliation w Setzer, STP, Vox, Boss, EH, or Straycats both are registered trademarks) had to use an EH Memory man delay instead of his then boss analog delay w his blonde bassman amp w an unorthodox vox 212 cab instead of his bassman cab he normally played through and still does. Anyway it changed his sound in a cool way, it was very punk rock but still twangy clean w dirty edges. What a sound!      


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video linked from Vimeo for educational references only.


1 yr warranty on all parts and labor, shipping not included. All sales are final.

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