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The Nocturne brain™ Logo pick by Gravity™

The Nocturne brain™ Logo pick by Gravity™


The guys at Gravity, hand made us some really fine guitars picks. Why? because I bought myself some a while back and fell in love w them for both my electric and acoustic guitars. So I need to share!  I'm offering them to you at my cost, in a bag of 5 for $25 USA shipping included.  size/gauge is classic 1.5mm

They take my playing up a notch (I'll take all the help I can get) because they dont slip or spin, they stay where you place them. I would have never guessed an acrylic pick would also be a tone improvement (string dynamics enhancer) but it does, truly. Maybe I feel like I have a new way of controlling volume, could be just that.. As I play w less effort or attack now, and the notes pop better, thonk, cut, twang... you get the picture.

Anyway enough from me, these picks can speak for themselves. Not my invention, just something I find useful in a sea of blah picks, and these things glow lime when the light hits em, so easy to find when you drop em :) #woke #usefultool

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