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the Nocturne BETTIE BLONDESHELL '63 8"x12" combo, Octal Tube amp


Nocturne BETTIE BLONDESHELL '63 8"x12" combo, Octal Tube amp.  

Thats a mouthful but effectively this is the normal channel of a 63' Blonde 6G6-B amp, but the usual 12ax7 preamp tube in the normal channel of said amp has been swapped for a set of NOS 6SQ7 Octal tubes from the front end of a 39' Gibson EH-185 era amp. AND even more interesting, I've given you the rectifier choice of the solid state 63' Blonde 6G6-B (perfect for hollowbodies) thats nice and tight, or the chewy tube rectifier response of the earlier blonde 6G6. So its switchable on the fly! Wait there's more, I put a PPV master volume in this amp when there shouldnt be. Why not, it will let you play at much lower levels and I did this for late night bedroom or studio rockin, at loud volumes its probably more of a ghastly grunge response but hey, its all about choices and variables. This baby has those, plus a Plank/F-hole switch, thats self explanatory. I love hollowbody guitars and teles, now you know. Last bit of switchery is a slope switch that will scoop the mids just a bit for you revealing a bit of a supro thunderbolt thingy, color wise.   The 8" Tonetubby 25w hemp cone ceramic and the 12" Tonetubby Alnico Red hempcone 50w speaker duo is surprisingly perfect together in helping you get classic vintage Blonde bassman 6G6-B response, to woolier and more grindy early era jump blues and texas swing sounds. All the things I love are in this amp, and it takes pedals really nice. It has to, I use pedals. :)

Here's Paul Pigat w Tommy Harkenrider & the Memphis Kings ( Brent Harding-Social Distortion on bass, Chris Sprague- Los Straitjackets on drums). Paul is playing a grez folsom guitar into the nocturne Mystery Brain and El Pescadoro w the Nailhead tremelo out to the Bettie Blondeshell. Tommy is pushing the front of a Quilter pro block w the Mystery Brain and El pescadoro to a Nocturne Moonshine extension cab.


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