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the Nocturne F-Bomb '63 & F-Bomb T.V. ((tremo' & 'verb))


F-Bomb '63 tube spring reverb tank, based on the historic standard but w a refined star grounding circuit and highly improved preamp. I spec Mod spring pans in my builds w reissue Tungsol & NOS 6K6 tubes. remote jack for footpedal bypass (pedal not included). We use mojotone smooth blonde vinyl and wheat grill cloth for the basic model. Standard upgrade colors choices avail at minimal $20 up charge.  Lacquered Tweed or Sparkle Zodiac Vinyl (diner booth) upcharge $170.

 << current build time is 4 months >>


the •F-BOMB TV, all tube spring reverb tank just like the F-Bomb 63' but w even more tone filled tube powered tasty fun added: tremolo and boost • superior star grounding • improved the clarity of the preamp w/ added an extra adjustable tube preamp level/boost. • added tube bias Tremolo! • dual footswitch included! •


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