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the BLONDESHELL™ 63 Combo amp



NEED the sound of a vintage blonde bassman from 1963..the 6G6-B amplifier circuit to be specific.. only want the normal channel but would love some
good tube spring reverb that doesnt suffocate your beloved delay or echo box? This amp is the ultimate pedal loving amplifier, and I've redesigned the power section to work well in small and large venues. True to the original 63' blonde but far more versatile and dimensional.

  • 4ohm & 8ohm output jacks,
  • bias adjustment with bias test points,
  • "PLANK - F HOLE" switch to go from solid body to hollow body guitars,
  • Slope Switch allows you to slightly scoop the mid for a cleaner attack when desired.
  • Tube Spring reverb for dimensional ambience using a full size 17" Mod spring pan. Reverb is bypassed, when turned down to 1. remote jack incl.
  • Rectifier switch modes; Solid State/firm - Tube/sag

(tech notes : allow 4-6 weeks for build time as this is a labor intensive build using a combination of Mercury Magnetic Tone clone Transformers < MM is the ONLY transformer company currently winding properly spec'd 63' 6G6-B Output transformers in production and have been in the commercial transformer business since the 50s and offer a 10yr manufacturers warrantee on their trannys>
We use hand cut and polished fiberglass epoxy heavy duty eyelet circuit boards, custom heavy duty aluminum chassis, sprague and tech electrolytics, orange drop, solen fast caps from france (oooh), mallory 150 series and silver mica caps.
Our cabs are built from fingerjointed pine (1x15" combo has front and rear baffles made from high grade birch ply and pop out casters) and 2 spring reverb tank from MOD as a heavy duty alternative to accutronics tanks no longer made in america. The combo version uses a handmade in america WEBER CALIFORNIA 15" ceramic speaker with the H screen cap, no Doping, "broken in"!

Its the combination of these products in our amp that results in one of the finest corksniffer boutique style vintage blonde amps available. I dont say this tongue in cheek. I designed it this way, cuz thats what I wanna play myself with my own gretsch and tele guitars!! :)
Understand this is not a clone or a repro but rather a more well thought out and versatile design of the legend created to serve the working musician)

This amp works seamlessly with effects pedals and is my idea of the "perfect pedal platform" amp. I expect you to use a nice little board full of effects in front of this amp, particularly mine since the amp and the preamp pedals were designed to work hand in glove as well as overdrive, fuzz, echo, vibrato, tremelo.. This amp is MADE for this interaction.

 Give a listen to Buzz Campbell play through the Gretsch Blondeshell w his new band


A new variation to the Blondeshell Combo, is the BETTIE BLONDESHELL Combo, that replaces the tube spring reverb w a Non-traditional,switchable PPI Master Volume that is effective for low level or late night practicing. Not heavy gain in the traditional master volume sense but rather this post phase inverter master volume allowed you to have increased sonic range and dynamics at very low volumes. In addition to this there is a switchable rectifier for solid state or sponge to emulate the earlier bassman tube rectified 6G6 circuit. The solid state mode is based on the later 6G6-B rectifier. This model also replaces the singe 12AX7A preamp tube w 2 NOS metal envelope 6SQ7 preamp tubes, while keeping the 12AX7A Phase inverter/driver tube. This version is a dream for those of you that play more traditional western swing, jump blues, and a variety of acoustic instruments (I gig it w my 6 string Banjo, guilele, and piezo equipped vintage archtops)

Buzz Campbell playing the Blondeshell amp head and 212 cab.




 please choose domestic blondeshell shipping when checking out. Amp combo weights 49lbs + 5lbs packaging. Dimensions of combo cab is 21"wide X 12" deep X 20" tall



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