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Atomic Brain™ full size hand wired version for the large footed


The Nocturne ATOMIC BRAIN™ PREAMP "wider box" version for the big booted folk. :) No more stomping both switches at the same time..
All the great sound of the DYNOBRAIN w/ an ABBY* mode that opens up the preamp for solo'ing or adding more punch/crunch to power chord.

For your Electric Guitar, I've replicated a much improved Vintage Japanese 70's preamp from the RE-301 Tape Delay machine known as the Space Echo.  A Full sonic spectrum, preamplifier that is hand wired & loaded with hi-fidelity audio components; 22 gauge bonded copper strand wiring,, vishay metal film resistors in the audio path, socketed Opamp, Metal Film cap, Quality Sprague, Panasonic Electrolytics, etc w/ all flying leads to Alpha pots and switchcraft jacks w/ hardwire true bypass.

We've Improved the input impedence, extended the gain range & added a Bass cut that the original RE-301 didnt have, this aids in use with cranked small amp to keep the speaker from farting out AND when the Bass Cut is dialed back to 7 oclock, the tone sweep will give you a leaner, tighter modern flavor. Dial it back to 4-5 o'clock for the vintage full low mids of the original character and color. a "vintage-modern" contour if you will.

My pedals are Loaded with the best Hi Fidelity audio components; silver mica and metal film caps, vishay & xicon metal film resistors in the audio path, Nos sprague or nichicon electrolytics,socketed Opamp, Alpha pots and Switchcraft jacks plus HD stomp switch hardwired, true bypass. These components are upgraded from the original generic parts you will find in the vintage RE-301 space echo, that were very noisy. The original RE-301 was actually much quieter, w greater headroom than its predecessor the RE-201 that used random non spec carbon film resistors and transistors. So w our replication of the RE-301 space echo preamp, you are getting an even more quiet version.  All our preamps operate at 9v and 12v. I prefer to run mine at 9v for more texture and saturation at max gain.


Average turn around 8 weeks at this time. it will be delivered via Priority insured (international is Fed-X insured )when the build is finished. I make each one to order and the day I receive your order you are put on the build list. When the build is finished we send you a ship/track number via an email.

(*tech notes: ABBY MODE... this boost mode isnt acting like other drive boxes that employ cascading gain or double up on diode clipping . Its a bit of a unique approach to solve the request for a solo mode.
The "ABBY" is opening wide the preamp gain range. Guitar solo's will stand above the band digging in at chorus intensity or even if at a turn around you want a cool melodic travis pickin pass.
The ABBY switch is taking your guitar from whatever level you have the NORMAL mode at (this normal mode is the Dyno Brain with a hair more open highs) and suddenly making everything like 35% more dynamic than it was (i hate using "touch sensitive") so as you dig in for the solo the guitar is pushin into the amp or whatever is after it that much more. The more the normal channel gain is turned up, the more boost you will get from the "ABBY" mode.  A neat by-product is that if you just keep both stompers on, the input impedance is now so responsive there is plenty of "rawk" avail for master volume amp guys.  

Worth a mention: The original Toshiba linear Op Amp was not magic, only special feature at that time was that is was low noise for 70's standards, but moving to a more modern version of this single opamp in the 8dip format, you will get less noise, and wider bandwidth and less distortion at higher saturation points. The option for a NOS metal can chip is available, but the right way to go to my experienced ear and thousands who use the Brain Preamp in pedalboards around the globe, is the modern chip I use in this preamp. Sounds kind of haughty, but thats not why I'm pointing it out. I simply want to make sure you realize you are getting the best version of this vintage Japanese preamp found in an RE-301 space echo. I can offer you this NOS chip as an upgrade btw.

btw..this new version replaces the Billy Brain with the right toggle in the up position, it brings in a bigger more vintage blonde Fender showman / bassman attack to your amp. If thats even possible from a pedal preamp but the organic warmth and attack w the bass control to the full right can help a thinner signal to really open up w a fatter dynamic bloom.

U.S. Trademark SN: 87678190: NOCTURNE ATOMIC BRAIN

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