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The (((RAYGUN ’59™))) 20w Class A 1x12 combo


The RayGun'59™ •🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸 • is a nod to Atomic Era amps, is Brit-American double agent 20*watt 1x12 Combo amp that can handle its own on stage with a rich bloom, jangle and sparkle to its clean tone that can easily jump forward to a saturated and texture tone that is rich in upper harmonic frequencies. This amp is a roots rock players delight that jumps, swings, bops and snarls in response to the players touch and attack. Varying degrees of output and jangle are on hand with a top cut control along w a bright & normal channel mode.

As well the dual 6L6 power tubes (or 6v6 or EL34..ya!) will pump up to 20watts output of grindy twang n spank Class A power. To change gears toward a leaner Brit vibe You can drop the power down to roughly 12w by swapping in EL34's, no need to rebias. More so with the flip of a switch next to the socket you can even install 6V6's and bring the amp down to a bubbly sweet 8w of studio level pwr. 12ax7s in the preamp as well as the tube spring reverb, and the vintage style tube bias tremelo.

This amp was designed to combine the vintage vibe of the late 50's cathode biased F style deluxe and the cathode biased, non-negative feedback response of the early JMI AC30, while maintaining its own immediate responsive snap and meaty footprint handled by the stock @tonetubbyinc nashvAlnico 75w 12" spkr.

Amp Specs

• Bass

• Treble

• Vol &

*bright & normal channel with toggle switch.

• Reverb • Trem speed & intensity controls

• *20 Watts Class A combo amp

• Power-Standby Switch
• 12AX7 (3)

• 6L6-GC (2) < or swap to EL34 or 6V6 at 10watts >

• Cathode Biased, non negative feedback design
• Tonetubby Nashville alnico 75W as standard.
• Dimensions: 20W x 18.75H x 9.5D
• *Solid Pine Cabinet w Dovetail Joinery, Birch baffles, pop out casters & large rubber feet
• Made in the USA by hardworking American dudes

Link to demo:

one more, this with some pedals


 I've set up a custom Raygun Spec - Tuki heavy duty slip cover avail to order direct here (I dont profit from these, I'm just passing business over to another small american business if you'd like to keep your amp covered safely w a cover that lasts)

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