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Baby BLONDESHELL™ 63' 5 watt Class A amp head


Baby BLONDESHELL™ 63' style 5 watt Class A amp head. a scaled down "bassman-ette" all tube amp using a single ended Class A power section.

Garnering the tone circuit and vintage blonde bassman's normal channel vibe of its big brother The Blondeshell '63 50 watt amp head This little twang and jangle tube tone box is perfectly comfortable in the studio for recording, or set up in your living room next to the couch ready for a guitar arsenal w your favorite cab*.

(i would suggest a mojotone Lite Guitar amplifier Speaker Extension cab w the smooth blonde tolex, wheat w gold grill, dog bone handle, closed back for around $210 unloaded) loaded w a celestion vintage 30 for traditional Mr B.S. tone or go hybrid Voxy w a weber silver bell or tonetubby nashville alnico (my fav. for 112 cabs open back cabs)

We can offer custom matching ext cabs that are hand built from the ground up using baltic birch constructed baffles and fingerjointed pine sides, but they are pricey since they are built to order as a custom option. (use we love them and trust them to handle cab production, made in the usa too)

• 5 Watts
• Single Input
• Volume
• Bass
• Treble
• Presence
• Power / Standby Switch
• 12AX7 (1) preamp tube
• 6V6 (1) Power tube
• Cathode Bias
• Hand-Wired, Turret Board Construction
• Star Grounding
• 4 or 8 Ohm Speaker Load
• Silver Plated Copper / TFE Teflon Wire
• Aluminum Chassis
• 11.125 (W) X 6.5 (H) X 7.875 (D), 6.5 lbs. - Made in the USA 
• Blonde smooth tolex w wheat sparkle grill, dogbone handle, cream radio knobs

please allow 8 weeks delivery.


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