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The Nocturne Brain Signature Instrument Cable by Sinasoid


the Nocturne Brain Signature Cable • 14’ of Sinasoid’s premium Slate cable w nickel G&H stubby connects • Suave Vintage looks for sure but built w today's top audio-file standards and still handcrafted in the USA by good lookin lads in Seattle Washington for us. Low capacitance & heavy duty build that keeps a Tight, full low end w a smooth clean top & precise sweet mids • dual spiral sheilding w a thick stranded core • flexy tangle resistant but tough exterior w 100 yr warranty by @sinasoid for @thenocturnebrain . Get 2, one for your guitar to the pedal board, and one from the pedal board to your amp. Your great tone is my priority. note: Cable color is Grey, not black or blue, just classic 50's Grey like a mid century modern cable should look!

$65.00 w free State side shipping. please allow 5-10 days to ship. USE CODE: free the cable

If you are ordering outside the USA, you will have to order directly from Sinasoid (see link right below)


If we are out of stock, you can order from our friends from Sinasoid directly here as well:


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