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(((TREM-O-FLOW))) pre ORDER in CANDY VIN ROUGE  a limited edition Nico Duportal version for July 22'!  you can hear him here with the Nailhead:

Named after my 54' Buick's 322 Nailhead V-8 engine
this tremelo. As a Duane Eddy fan, I love the sound of his classic recordings and particularly the tremelo. He first used the old mechanical DeArmond tremelo unit that personified his haunting and bold instrumental songs, so thats what inspired the shape of the trem sound I was after. For ease of use and road worthiness though, a solid state unit is what I set out to produce. To add to this I really wanted to stay true to vintage Gretsch vibe, and the old Valco trem in those early Gretsch amps was very unique.. I built this to bubble and throb nicely with single coils like dynasonics to humbuckers especially tvjones filtertrons. This is a transistor LFO circuit that responds like the old Gretsch by Valco era tube tremolo circuit. This pedal design also uses a NOS Fairchild JFET based amplifier stage that can add tube-y gritch to the throb or natural pulse of the trem effect.

Your guitar is never lost in the effect and the throb is round,smooth and even across all 6 strings. Dig in hard and push the transistors to clip a little for some tube like grease, back off and chords strums are full with throbbing vintage bounce.

Simple controls; Speed Knob on the left & Depth knob on the right, "Speed" stomp switch turn on/off the effect and its LED indicator when on pulses to the speed of the tremelo.
I've also included an integrated Volume/Boost control mostly for unity gain w your signal chain but damn if it doesnt also help you get the pulse a bit more dirty, throbby or the opposite, sitting in the background yet noticed. Some songs need that. Some Guitar's and Amps need that and I LOVE this with my acoustic guitar. In fact thats what I like when I am singing ballads and I made this pedal for myself initially to work for me as a singing guitarist having to work w a variety of drummers who all play a bit different. ..ya.


One final bonus, a trem pulse bypass switch that turns the pedal into a really great transparent boost w the slightest bit of texture. Did I mention this is extra killer when you switch from an electric to an acoustic and need to quickly grab the same level out of that woody kleenex box as your electric honey. yep it does. Your welcome.

*(Gretsch, Duane Eddy, Valco and tvjones are mentioned only for demonstration of the guitars I used in the R&D of my product. I am not affiliated with gretsch, marc rutters or tvjones)


1 yr warranty on all parts and labor, shipping not included. All sales are final.

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