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The FEZ by The Nocturne Brain™

A colorful and rich textured Overdrive box based off a Greybox 250 preamp thats been hot rodded to drive any spring reverb amp or spring tank harder for more drip, sproing and over all twangy surf guitar intensity that a guitar alone generally cant afford.
Not really meant for the clean tone purist, unless they are looking for grindy switchable intensity available at their foot instead of walking back and moving the Tube Spring controls by hand( besides it should always be all controls straight up anyway)

What if you dont have spring reverb in your amp, let alone a vintage tube spring reverb tankl?? Remember the FEZ pedal still can rock the socks off a vintage greybox 250 Overdrive with a much greater range of EQ
control, its still all there if needed for a much better price compared to online auction prices for original grey box 250 pedals.

Okay whats on and in this Fez box:
This is based off the vintage Grey box 250 Overdrive Preamp's basic circuit. Liberties have been taken in adding a switchable low EQ and gain textures with additional presence cut control.
Hi quality components have been brought into this overdrive preamp circuit like metal film caps, xicon polystyrene fast caps, tantalum electrolytics. metal film & carbon comp resistors plus an  original Metal Can 741 op-amp. Long life true bypass stomp switch and dual LED indicator status on a powder coated cast aluminum heavy duty box with switchcraft jacks and alpha pots.

Become a sworn member to the Order of the FEZ!

Allow 8 weeks build time 

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