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DUAL Preamp /drive pedal hand wired, built one at a time by me and my son, the gorilla. A custom shop pedal if you will... I think I can say that after being in biz for 10yrs now. :) So..  Two discreet preamplifiers in one shrunken down box. A Dynobrain preamp on the right w/ vintage and modern modes. With a Dirty Fet Preamp on the left. Both preamps have individual gain controls and operate independent of each other but the dirty FET preamp serves the Dynobrain preamp so that you have a dynamic sonic spread for your amp with controllable gain and boost from the second channel with light overdrive on tap.

The Dynobrain Preamplifer on the right side of the pedal is based on the vintage Roland RE-301 Space Echo's input preamp. Loaded with the best components. Metal film & Polystyrene film caps, Sprague & Panasonic electrolytics, 22 gauge bonded copper strand wiring,, xicon/vishay metal film resistors in the audio path, socketed Opamp,w/ all flying leads to Alpha pots and Switchcraft jacks w/ hardwire true bypass.

Worth a mention: The original Toshiba linear Op Amp was not magic, only special feature at that time was that is was low noise for 70's standards, but moving to a more modern version of this single opamp in the 8dip format, you will get less noise, and wider bandwidth and less distortion at higher saturation points. The option for a NOS Metal can chip is available, but the right way to go to my experienced ear and thousands who use the Brain Preamp in pedalboards around the globe, is the modern chip I use in this preamp. Sounds kind of haughty, but thats not why I'm pointing it out. I simply want to make sure you realize you are getting the best version of this vintage Japanese preamp found in an RE-301 space echo.

The Dirty Fet Preamp on the left side is a Jfet, socketed preamp with hybrid germanium and silicon diodes, NOS CDE, Sprague, and Wima Film Caps. With this preamp on the left side you have warm, rich, round grind in the mids with clear highs as you dial up higher on the gain control, lower settings can grab a cool textured gritty drive w/ output controlled by the Dynobrain preamp.

Get more out of your amp tone at managable stage levels. This pedal is made for performance. This pedal is powered by a standard
Boss Style 9volt DC (-) tip supply, not included.
All Jacks are top mounted for the smallest footprint on your pedal board!
(see forthcoming video demo for more detail on the punchy drive side of the Shrunken Brain)

Please allow 8-9 weeks for us to build your
pedal for you, These are all built per order, hand wired one at a time by  myself and my son.

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